15k mile service and observations

I just did my 3rd service at 15.4k. I used Mobil1 “Truck and SUV” 5w30 and a Motorcraft filter. This was also my first time using an aftermarket drain plug (pictured below). I got it from Advanced Auto Parts for about $15 Advance Auto Parts - Down for Maintenance. It worked great, way less mess!

I rotated my tires using a 5 tire procedure. I didn’t notice anything odd, damaged or wearing unevenly yet. I was very thankful for the “light weight” 33”s while doing my rotation! The skid plates show some scars, but with some moderate to advanced off road trips, it seems like they are holding up well. I did clear out about 5lbs of caked dirt after taking both front skids off. I recommend it!

  • At 15K the tire wear is pretty minimal. using all 5 tires is definitely going to add to the service life of the 33" BFG KO2s
  • I again filled the 2.7L with 6.5 quarts of oil. This is more than the initial factory recommendation, less than the 7 quart fill that appears in several forums as the correct amount. It shows above the full line, at the bottom of the “twist”. I have not noticed any oil use over my 5k intervals and no indication of “over full”, even at extreme angles off road (no smoke, warning lights or odd accumulation on the oil fill cap).
  • The underside looks pretty good. The trailing arms, rear shocks and shock mounts all had scrapes, but no major deformations. Rear shock “skids” are on my list of upgrades.

The oil change cost me $51 for full synthetic and Motorcaft filter. Saves me about $50 and I get to see quite a bit of my Bronco that would go un-noticed unless I was up close and personal.




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