74weld portals

Reached out to 74weld today regarding portal axles for the Bronco, they will be releasing something In the next two months and it’s looking at $6k per corner so about $24k total.

Not familiar with portal axles. Assume that kinda cheddar gets you some serious strength. Like King-of-the-Hammer durability….


Portal axles if I understand correctly have the axle off center and a reduction gear in the hub so you get more ground clearance since your axle is not as low as your wheel centers.

They are common on military vehicles.


Portal axles make the axle and brake hub at different heights raising the ground clearance but allowing the wheel to be lower. Hard to explain without pics.

No stock vehicles im aware of use them. The famous Unimog did (though not exactly common)

Mercedes is releasing a high end variant of the G Wagen with them.

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Correct it also allows you to run a larger tire without having to regear your axles

Its a lift and regear, without a lift and regearing…if that makes sense. But wayyyyyy pricey. I have seen portals for the bronco as low as 16k…that doesnt include instalation

What other companies besides werewolftech and 74weld are making portals for the Bronco? I keep flirting with doing portals, werewolftech seems a bit scketchy coming from Ukraine, and $24k from 74weld may be a bit out of reach for the budget I am planning for lifting my bronco

If you’re trying to stay abs compatible there’s only one option. Werewolf portals aren’t abs compatible last I had heard

Is that the 74weld option, or is there another?

Yea, 74weld is the only ABS/bolt on ready option or will be once you can order them as of right now. They are smaller portals than the werewolf height wise and also gear reduction is less.

The kracker fab race Bronco setup is interesting, he’s running portals up front 3.73 and a 1.45 gear redux comes out to 5.40 gear and has 5.38s for the rear. Then you only have to buy 2 portals and fab the rear to match, but that opens a whole new can of worms lol

That’s interesting I will have to check out that build, I feel though if I am going to run portals up front then I would want it in the rear. I think I may just stick with going long travel suspension and maybe upgrade that to portals down the road when the Bronco becomes just a pure off road rig for me.

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