74weld Steering rack

Well the 74weld steering rack upgrade was going to be on my list of parts. However it consists of buying the HOSS 3.0 rack, and they take the guts from that and put it into their steering rack. Total cost they are saying is looking at around $5K which includes the cost of the HOSS rack. not what I was hoping for when 74weld said they were coming out with one. I have been looking at the Icon tie rods as an alternative solution to the factory tie rods. Not sure if that will still solve the steering rack issue or not but thinking with the Broncbuster housing and the upgraded tie rods maybe a cheaper solution for time being, and a viable solution pending cost and install of the HOSS 3.0 steering rack.

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Weld is just taking advantage of the parts vacuum with the market right now. I’d bet money we will have some better option price wise by the fall.

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We still haven’t seen a tie rod break, much less the rack fail yet in any of the MI terrain. I love seeing what others are upgrading, I expect I will do the Broncbuster upgrades to the original rack when/if I bump up to true 35s (this weekend has me looking longingly at the bigger tires!).

Without getting into the details (as I literally work on this component), this is highly not recommended. Keep the stock parts…

Your comments are intriguing. I’d really enjoy hearing your thoughts when another opportunity to chat arrives at a club meet. My background is in mechanical design in both automotive and aerospace.

I would also, I’m planning on lifting over the course of the next year or two, and steering rack has been a concern. I also have watched most of the videos of people snapping their tie rods and will say i feel there is some driver impacts on that. Loren Healy and Vaughn Gitten have done a lot of wheeling these vehicles stock SAS, and with minor lifts and have not had any issues and they have more time behind the wheel of the Bronco than most do. That being said I’m 50/50 on the rack. I jumped on a set of takeoff tie rods awhile back so I’m not to concerned. But having a beefier set of tie rods like the ones from Icon will still be on my list

Yea, next club meet I can go into some of the details in terms of why I personally would not do this and the reasons for that.

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I’d be interested in hearing the same.