A new guy looking to connect for a fun first ride in his Bronco

Hi, I’m trying to gain some exposure to taking my new Bronco trail riding. I’m going to be around Friday/Saturday for sure next weekend and possibly Sunday. I live in Saginaw so I’m not to far away from some of the areas I’ve seen on the FB page where people are having some fun. If anybody is interested in connecting reach out. I’ll keep watch here this week as I travel for work or mention in the FB group. I’d offer my phone number but not sure of the rules on that yet. My Bronco is a 2dr Big Bend, nothing more special than that. I’ve only had a few weeks now. Not even 200 miles on it yet.

Welcome! And have fun! There are a number of people here who venture into your neck of the woods. Im certain that they’ll find you here.