Added some protection today!

With the wife’s birthday and a trip to Windrock happening 3/18/23 I got her Bronco a few things.
We added the DV8 rear shock/lower link skids.
Not too bad to install. Just loosen the shock bolt and link bolts. Then they slip on and you retighten the bolts. If you have already bent a mount like us it was a bit more of a chore to get the skid in place.

We also added a rear diff skid. This while nerve racking taking out the diff cover bolts and hoping the fluid didn’t leak out went well. Not a drop was lost and the fitment is good the instructions could be written better.

For you all with the badlands or added the badlands only skid plate behind the engine skid like I did. I started on making a diy transmission skid I’ll have better pictures once I get it primed and painted. But here is the mock up.

Finished fitting and painted the trans skid.

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Great write up and pictures Ken! The rear shock skids look really well designed!

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Looks great! I have been eyeing those shock skids too - glad to hear the install wasn’t bad.

@KenF , can I ask how much these are? How’d they hold up?

Diff skid is Hooke I have not had time to do a post ride inspection yet. They may not have even been touched.