Advice Regarding Putco Element Sky View Clear Roof

Has anyone replaced their hardtop roof with this clear roof top? I am considering it and wondered if anyone has this on their Bronco. If so, are you happy with it? Any issues? How is the wind noise compared to the stock hard top? Any recommendations/comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Welcome Tomflo!
I too noticed these and was intrigued. My gut tells me to be skeptical. Mainly because so many issues have been posted regarding the fitment of top components in general. It’s difficult to imagine that anyone “figured it all out.” That being said, I have no relavent experience and my opinion is worth didley squat. Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, Batman and Robin were discussing similar options for the roof of the Batmobile after an unfortunate incident occured while they were in high pursuit of a sludge hauler…

Here is a review on Amazon that adresses some of your concerns.


I like the idea, but I can’t see this working well unless you made a panel that had a border which would shrink the “glass” area. But it would need to be similar to like a Corvette Targa top where from the outside it appears to be all “transparent” but from inside there is a chunky frame.

I took my two front panels off today, that seemed like enough. :wink:

It looks flimsy and its loud. Having seen one in action I don’t think I’d buy one, but if you get it with a good return policy you could try it.

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