Air compressor mount

I posted this on Facebook this morning, but I know we have members that don’t access club info that way so wanted to share here too-

I am trying to decide if I have time to install my air compressor mount today. I have seen this installed in JD Marz Badalnds, but when you get the kit and look at it, it’s really well built. John is going to be at Bronco the Mac if you are attending and want to check out his products (he is a member of the club and joins lots of rides too).

Here is a link to his products-

Ok, the rain this morning kept me in the garage. The mount took about 30 minutes to install and the YouTube video was a pretty effective way to learn the installation process. I need to wire in a quick disconnect, but the mount and “bungee strap” mounting seem like they fit the bill for me. Would I like the ARB kit? Yes. DonI think this setup is about 1/3 the price and will do what I need efficiently? Seems like it to far.


I installed one from JD Marz as well and definitely a nice and high quality product. Went with an Amazon air compressor he used as i caught it on a sale that i couldn’t pass up.

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John has done a bunch of testing and most of the similar Amazon compressors seem to hold up well. I plan to get one of the dual cylinder unit’s when I see a good deal. I will keep my Viaair for portable use I think.

Im doing the same thing. Went with All Top double tgat was on sale for $125. Keep my viair as backup and portability.

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Have you seen Jake’s Bronco with your suspension? It came out great I thought!

I went with the JD Marz Mount & Thor’s Lightning Compressor in my HLE. Works and looks great. Had to adjust the compressor location for the hood struts but otherwise went smooth & easy.


Looks great ! John M and Inwere talking, there is quite a bit of variance in the upper sheet metal, I needed to tweak my bracket towards the fender, John’s required adjustment out. So far so good, used my under hood mount and compressor this weekend, definitely better an easier than digging it out and hooking it up.

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Not in person. Just pics but it looks good based on those. Glad the old shocks got put to use. Everyone wins.

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A little update from previous post. Got rid of the RC hood struts and installed MRT’s hood struts. They mount in a different location and now they do not interfere with the compressor. Compressor is now hard mounted and fits as is should, nice & secure.