Air Oil Separator - Good or Bad Idea?

I see that there is a lot of debate/opinions on the benefits or needs of an AOS or Catch Can. Weighing them out I decided to move forward with the IAG AOS because of the design to optimize the separation of oil from the PCV system upstream of PCV gasses’ return to the intake system, keeping oil out of the intake system, maintenance free design, heated to prevent condensation, plug & play install, advertised engine performance & improved gas mileage and esthetically pleasing (red accent to match the compressor) :nerd_face: With all that said it was not cheap but if all the above is true it should pay for its self in the long run, so time will tell. Another question would be will it effect the warranty?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with a catch can on the 2.7. That being said, the main use of the catch can is to keep the recirculated exhaust, including oil and fuel, off the valves. With the 2.7, you have direct and port injection, so you get the traditional “fuel wash” over the valves that is bypassed by a direct injection system. That’s an over simplification, but my understanding. I can’t see where a warranty claim would be affected by a catch can, but I am not a warranty rep, so don’t listen to me on that (or anything else probably :wink:).

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