Anyone want to go wheeling

I am leaving it to others to set a time and date, I may be available Saturday morning, but someone needs to organize it.

It sounded like @N0T_0J or @AZ23 might have a plan. I’m certainly not confident in planning something like that right now.

I’ve never planned anything, either. However, if some people want to meet up, that would be great! I’ve actually never done a trail ride. The extent of my experience is at Holly Oaks by myself.

@MattMIBronco I have the Gaia app on my phone but have never used it. Is there a way to search for the Oscoda route? How long does the route take?

@Buster are you going to be driving up for the day? Is starting at 10:00 a good time? I’m very flexible as I will be visiting family in East Tawas from Thursday through Saturday or Sunday.

Depending on where this route is, I was thinking that maybe we could meet at AuSable Shoreline Park or the parking lot in front of AuSable Township hall and head out from there.

I think 10AM is a great time and the trail effectively starts near the air force base, so lakeshore park is a good spot. You can do most of the route in maybe 1.5 hrs, lots of side trails and places to poke around. I should be able to make the 10AM. If you open the GIA app and look at the Old State House route/area, just outside of Oscoda, the routes should be visible/public.

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Cool. I think that should be it, 10AM on Saturday, April 1st. I looked up the address and found 235 E River Rd. Oscoda, MI. There are some parking lots for the beach right there at the end of the road. From there, we can go straight down River Rd. if that works for everyone.

I’m hoping to arrive there a few minutes early, around 9:45 or so. White 4-dr Black Diamond hard top.

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10 am should be fine for me. As of right now I’m good to go. If you want a better meet location, there is a Burger King right on the corner of US23 where you’d turn back to head towards Wurtsmith. I’ve autox at the airport for years.

Wish i could go as we have a place on F41 in Oscoda. Just have other things going on this weekend. Trails should be goid. Hope to meet up next time

I have a probable conflict, I may not make it. It will be a game time decision, but I can walk someone through the GAIA maps.

@Buster If you think Burger King is a better place to meet up, let’s meet there. I’ll plan on being there a couple of minutes early.

@MattMIBronco I haven’t ever used Gaia, but I think I found the route. Does this look correct?

Yep, there is the route from the color tour and the route we used for snow wheeling. One part of the route was to narrow last year, towards the west end of the route. It’s easy to bypass.

Well, once again real life has derailed my plans to play but in good way. I became Grandpa last night. So, I have to be home for a Meet the Baby get together. I’m not having much luck gtting Stomper dirty. :woozy_face:

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Congratulations Grandpa! That’s a great reason!

I’ll still plan on being at Burger King just before 10:00 on Saturday.

I am waiting to hear from my son to see if we are going up Friday night or Saturday, if I am around, I will join for a while.

I should be able to make it out for at least a while. Oscoda isnt too far from me.

I am likely not going, the family wants to ride up together and the Explorer gets the nod when everyone (including the two dogs) are going somewhere together :+1:t4:

Hey Matt! Go on! Give the Explorer a go on those trails! Show 'em who’s boss! :laughing:

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We still shooting for 10 am tomorrow for Oscada?

I’m still planning on it. Burger King parking lot at F41 and 23.

Right on

@Zixer37 and I are at Burger King. @ChristalakaSvanhildr were you still coming with your friend?