Anyone want to go wheeling

We’re near camp grayling. Looking to do some trail riding anyone in the area that wants to hook up. Hit me up…

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I would love too! I’m busy doing other stuff this weekend. If you have GAIA you can see our past route and save your new one. Watch out for groomed snowmobile trails!

I can’t this weekend but would love to connect for a little trailing next Friday, Saturday or possibly Sunday. I live down in Saginaw area. Don’t mind traveling for some fun.


Welcome to the community!! Sorry, I missed your post in time. Have you had a chance to visit Holly Oaks yet? :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve been to Holly Oaks a few times I was looking to do some trail rides that weekend…

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No but that is in the plans. Hooking up with a bunch of folks this coming Saturday in Gladwin.


I look at Camp Grayling out my window. Anytime you want to go wheeling just shoot me a pm on here and let me know.

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We definitely want to go back!


Sounds good will be heading back soon as it dries up a bit

I’m planning on going to be around Tawas late next week into the weekend. Is anyone thinking about going wheeling? I saw that some people met up around Gladwin today and it looked fun.

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I will be in Tawas next weekend, but we are booked up with Family stuff. There are some fun trials out of Osocda. You should be able to see some of our prior routes on GAIA. Others may be interested. Grayling and Galdwin are both about an hour away too. With the current weather forecast, both those areas should be decent too(wet).

I’ll also be in Tawas area next weekend but unsure if the bronco is going to make the trip. If people are wheeling I may take it and join up

I’m supposed to be taking a friend on a trail Saturday. What kind of wheeling are you thinking about?

Maybe I can go Saturday, Sunday is definitely out for me😊

If I don’t go, I can still get you all dialed in for the trails form Oscoda. We have a bunch of tracks on GAIA too.

Keep the updates coming. Depending on the timing I could possibly come up to Oscoda. I work Friday in town and should be off Saturday. I want to come and play but after seeing last Saturdays pics and vids, not sure if Stomper is ready yet with the factory Dualers on it. :thinking:

There’s nothing you can bypass at Oscoda, won’t be a problem.

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Cool, I’ll keep watch for updates on the plans as I run this week to TN and back. :+1: