Bestop Sunrider Top - Service Announcement

Just an FYI if you got a Bestop Sunrider top for the Bronco. Apparently Ford modified the “ears” on the windshield header for the hard top latches and if you have an older top you need to get it swapped out.

The new tops have a “notch” in the header bar so that it fully seats against the windshield. Mine was a late MY22 build and I got the top as a DIO and it was the wrong top. The bad news for me is Bestop said due to Ford’s policy you have to do the swap as warranty work at the dealer. I got mine swapped but I had to give my dealer a lot of info and make some calls to connect Bestop with the dealer.

Also, if you find you have poor fitment with the rear of the top, the 5.5mm washers that come with it can (and should per Bestop) be swapped with lower profile washers. I did this and now my top fits very snug.

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