Bike rack recommendations?

I’m looking into getting a bike rack and was wondering if anyone had suggestions. Main interest is in one that works with the swing gate. I’ve been looking at kuat racks and then getting the swing attachment but open to other suggestions

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I repurposed a Thule I have with a hitch extension, but yea mine gets in the way of getting to the rear cargo area (I mean it opens but you have to step over the bike rack)

I have a Saris rack on a hitch extension. It works well, but even with the tip way feature, it impedes the tailgate opening.

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I’ve got a 4 up bike rack that tilts. Good for hatchback, but I can only get 4 bikes on the rack with a hitch extension. And I still cannot open the tailgate. Same issue with my ski rack. I’ve been looking for a solution. Kind of expensive, but I just ordered this… it swings out left side or right side. I’ll let you know how it goes…

I like my Saris still, 4 bikes would be a whole different ball game! Interested in how it does for you.

I have this Saris. It tilts enough that I can crack the tailgate open a bit. The swing extension should solve the problem. Some of the ones that I’ve seen interfere with the spare tire or only open left or right.

That is a nice bike rack you have there for that Bronco but that does suck even with the hitch extension it impedes the tailgate door from opening but still nice bike rack setup anyways👍🏻

I use a yak hanging rack, 6 bikes, and a 4" drop/raise hitch extender.
It pretty much has two modes, hi and low LOL.
In low, I can tilt the rack and jusssst get the tailgate open, but not a great departure angle.
High mode I cant open the taolgate but departure is actually pretty good, and the hitch rubs slightly on the tire thus acting as a bit of a support for it. I run two ratchet straps from the upper cross bar on the bike rack to the roof rack for extra stability. That and a hitch brace, its pretty stable.

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low mode

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6 bikes! Where do all the cyclists sit? Couple strapped to the roof? :slight_smile:

Nice setup though for that many.

I’m getting a new Honda Trail 125, so I need something a bit stronger.

Thinking of using the 'ol HF 600lb one (bike’s only ~240 lbs tho)

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Very cool!

The HF racks work pretty well. Love the bike too.

Thanks! Super excited to bring it out on some trails. Will probably come with me overloading.

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Ha! Its nice to have extra room if one of the bikes is bigger, bring a spare bike on mtb trips, or running shuttles w a tight fit. You should see it when I put 4 more on the roof and have 4 pax in the trunk LOL

Thatll be a sweet rig being able to put one of those on the back. The raising/lowering hitch extender may also work for your application if you still want to get into the hatch. Its not recommended for towing, but 500+ lbs i want to say??