Bronco Off-Roadeo Outpost

Anyone going?

It’s locally in August the two days after the Dream Cruise. I signed up for Monday because it looks like they rented the place out for that day (no flags required it seems).

If I had not been to Off Roadeo, I would. I have been to Holly Oaks enough now that I probably wouldn’t pay a premium to go with a guide, but I found the Off Roadeo team to be very knowledgeable and the time with them in TX :100: worthwhile.

I did the one in AZ, which I loved. I’ve been to Holly Oaks zero times with my car (once for a drive event otherwise). Mostly cause I have not gotten around to getting a flag.

I’m sure they will do a good job. Holly Oaks is fun, especially when it’s dry or frozen. The mud is a whole different level of difficult to clean up, so I have to be really excited to go there when it’s been wet (like most of spring). It’s not that bad, but it does require pulling of your skid-plates to get the mud out. It takes me a couple of hours, even after going at it pretty hard with my power washer.