Bronco Off Roadeo

So I’m going to Las Vegas to do the Bronco Off Roadeo in April. Who has gone (to any location) and has anyone done the event in Nevada? It says it starts at 8 am, but I’m wondering how long is it. We have to rent a car for that day to drive from Vegas and I don’t want it to be more than a one day rental (so I’m picking it up late the night before, but how late is determined by the return time).

Hey Justin, I went to the Austin Off Roadeo in Feb. The drive was done by 5:30pm and we returned to the base camp where they served dinner. if you want to skip dinner you can leave at that point. So I’d say you can be out by 5:30-6:00pm if you wanted (at Austin, hoping it’ll be the same at other places too). However, they had a nice bonfire going so a bunch of people just hung around for a bit more.

Looks like we have to do a 2 day rental anyway. So maybe the time isn’t as big of a deal. I did e-mail them too. They said the events last 10 hours. So 8-6 at Nevada.

Anyway I’ll be doing mine in about a month. The costs for guests have gone up exorbitantly. Last year (spring) it was $395 for Guest 2 and $295 for Guest 3/4. When I looked into it before March 1st it was $495 and $395 and they had two tiers (one non-driving who kept the old prices). Then March first it went up to $495 and $395 ($100 less for non-driving, and $200 less for 17 and under). Also the refundable portion went down to $150 from $200 (so now the Owner pays $50). So all in all in 12 months the price went up $250 for an Owner and Guest. Which is a 63% increase.

My co-worker added two guests this month and got hit with the $200 increase to his first guest. He called them, and they would not budge.

I did Nevada Off-Roadeo in November, you will have so much fun! We were done with everything by 5, but it was COLD, so nobody stayed to hang out after dinner for campfire stuff.

So in the interim I went to Vegas and did my Off-Rodeo (in April of 2023). It was a blast. Worth the cost of entry. I also had never been to Vegas before (have been back already and will return again this fall).

I’ve also seen ads for Vegas and Austin that non-Bronco owners can now register.