Broncos over the MAC

Anybody from this group heading to St Ignace for the event in June? I have my entry fee paid, reservation for my motel done and most importantly the time off requested.

I plan on driving up early Thursday afternoon if anybody wants to connect and travel together. I only work until 10am Thursday.

There is a pretty good contingent heading up. We will post more details as we get closer to the date.

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Awesome :+1:

I have plans to attend but because I don’t really use Facebook I’m not up to speed on the current plans of the Club.

We will post the updates here as well, but bottom line, as a club, we will be doing the crossing Friday morning. If we can find a spot, we will look to have some sort of social event Friday night. We will have then have options for members, including following the standard “Bronco the Mac” trail rides. There will likely be a group headed to DI Saturday as well, for those looking to hit a bit more extreme terrain. I think We are going to start from our cabin in Tawas Friday AM, but if there is interest, we can set up caravans from other locations.

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