Classic Car Insurance

Anyone have experience with a Classic Car Insurance like Hagerty?

GM has really dropped the ball on Corvette parts and things like control arms (yes control arms) are not available from the dealer part counter. So it looks like I’ll be transitioning to “collector” status on that car much quicker (once I get my Ranger so I don’t lose my multi-car discount, the joys of being single).

I did some online quotes and they seem to be about $200 a year cheaper with similar deductibles, liabilities, and an agreed upon value of $40k (with a 3000 mile restriction).

I currently have Progressive and I put it on “storage” from mid-October to mid-March as a baseline.

For my classic cars I use JC Taylor ( I’ve been with them for about 15 years. Their rates have been reasonable based on value, storage and use.

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I use Hagerty for my Scout though have never made a claim so cannot comment on that part. Rates seems reasonable. I also use progressive which either partners or owns Hagerty so i think that helps with multi car.

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