Custom Subwoofer Box

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Well, I have completed three steps of upgrades to the factory stereo. Stage 4 started today. I am upgrading the amp to Kenwood 4 channel “marine” model and adding and 8” Polk Audio subwoofer along with trying out a custom enclosure mounted in the rollbar triangle.

If it works well, I will share the dimensions and mounting system.


Here are some more pictures. It’s coming out pretty cool I think. The amp comes this week and I can try everything before I wrap the box and do some final tweaking to the mounts. It’s very solid and pretty easy to remove. It will also mount without the top on.





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How does this work out with the top off? Any pics of what the Bronco looks like topless?

I have never taken the rear hard top off, so I’m not sure. If I planned to, I would have probably finished the box in truck bed coating or vinyl. I can tell you I can’t see it in my mirror at all and it takes up almost 0 cargos space.

I didn’t share the final stage info, here are some pictures of the Kenwood amp and Audio Control LOC. the system has been great. I would compare it to the Lux package with upgraded speakers, minus a bit of the good sound stage the factory DSP provides.