DIY 4-Tire Air Up / Air Down System

I know there are systems available on the market, but I decided I would build my own system, since most of the parts that I needed, I already had available. Here are parts that I used (or at least similar parts) for the system I built.

50 ft of 3/8” Flexzilla air hose cut into the following lengths

  • Cut into the lengths allowing for the end fittings to be used at the manifold
  • (2) 12 feet from front tire to rear tire
  • (2) 32” to the front tire from the 12’ hose to allow for ease of connecting to the valve stem
  • (2) 8’ from front tire to center of the front of the vehicle
    Will leave about 45” to use for extra air hose extension

(4) Lock on standard bore air chucks (I used Haltec H-5265 available on Amazon)
(4) Flexzilla reusable fitting RP900375
(4) Hose barb tee fittings (similar to STERLING Brass Hose Barb Tee Fitting, 3 way Union/Splicer, 1/2" Barbed Fuel Line Connector (Pack of 5) : Industrial & Scientific)
(12) Hose clamps for the tee fittings
(1) Pressure gauge. I used Measureman 0 – 60 psi with 1% accuracy
(1) 4 way air Splitter (similar to hynade 3-Way Air Manifold, Flat Hex Manifold 1/4 Inch NPT Air Couplers and Quick Connect Plug, Air Compressor Brass Pneumatic Air Plug Kit(4 Way Out) (
(3) Male quick release couplers (two will go to the manifold, 1 to the compressor from the ball valve). This is needed if your manifold doesn’t already have quick release coupliers
(2) Female quick release couplers
(1) Ball valve (similar to 1/4 In Full Port Ball Valve (