Everything gone wrong with my Bronco

Nothing. It’s sick. You’re trash if you complain

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Hahahahahhaa. Dying over here.

THEY LEAK LIKE A SIV…. Totally not my fault after installing a light bar incorrectly. Must be the manufacturer…. :rofl:

Well having mine go back 6 times for warranty problems I’ve had a lot wrong it has an entire new front driveline, the stereo is dissapointing and needed upgrading. Finally got it about where I wanted it and sold it lol.

But you have a good stereo now :laughing:

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The leak must be a hard top thing my soft top don’t leak🤣 unless it’s raining and you open a window lol

Woah there. Spell check. :rofl:

Hell yeah I do a ten year old kia has a way better sound system than a new bronco. I was rocking out setting up the Bluetooth to my phone and my wife called and said it’s loud inside the house lol!

Click bait :joy::joy::joy:

This is hilarious

I received Bruno back late yesterday. They reinstalled the light bar and ran the wires according to the directions (I don’t know how it wasn’t installed without using directions originally :grimacing:.

It was in water testing for 8 hours yesterday, and there was no leaking found. Fingers crossed the 5th time is the charm!

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Mic 2.0 and the drivers window wouldn’t sync properly. The miles on the odometer keep going up too, I wish it would stop that.

My MPG keeps going down. But I do like to go fast. Computer still says 18.1 at one point it was as high as 18.4. Think it will settle at 17.5ish.