For Sale Ford Performance Bronco winch shelf and brush bar

2021 thru 2024 Bronco Ford Performance winch shelf and brush bar (No Winch). For the stock modular bumper. Has all the parts. $300.00


As far as design, this seems the sturdiest out there. I’m sure you will find someone interested.

If I didn’t really like my front camera when slow-off-roading, I would definitely go this route.

You can add a camera relocation mount from one of the other kits I would think ?

You absolutely can.

To be fair, there are some other inputs to my hesitancy:

  • Do I need the darn thing. Honestly… I don’t off-road in situations typically alone without a friend who has one. If I was more of a “lone wolf” / rancher maybe
  • Extra weight of potentially small-usage item

The “would I actually use this” test has thrown cold water on my “ditch lights” as well.

I must resist the eternal pull of the bro-dozer. LOL.


Sale Pending

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SOLD. Thanks for all the interest