Forums moved back to Discourse

After really wanting to like the forum software we were using (MyBB), it really just wasn’t good enough to grow usage.

This forum software is called Discourse, and is much better. With a new server, I’ve now got the capacity to host this as it needs.

Apologies for the forum moves. All the old usernames are restored. (If you’re forgotten, users are here). Feel free to reset passwords.

Any issues, let me know. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the time and effort. I prefer the forum for posting things people want to come back to and review and add discussion/content over time.

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Woot! Like these so much better.

Thanks for all the work getting this back online. This is so much better.

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Thank you! I went into the other one a few times to post various items and was frustrated. This is a much better format!

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Thanks! Hopefully we can grow the community.

We lost a lot of momentum and I didn’t use the interim forum much either. Hopefully being back on this format is a better experience. Facebook is where a bulk of the club information ends up. It’s a fun format, but really bad for subjects you want to refer back to. Plus this forum is ad free💯

Yea I miss out on anything that’s only on Facebook cause, I don’t do social media.

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