Front Drive Failure at Holly Oaks

This is an update on Rob’s issue at Holly Oaks a couple of weeks back. He has a 2dr Black Diamond with the factory “32s” , no lift. maybe 10k miles? His update- “He reports that it is NOT the half shaft as suspected but instead it is the front differential which is completely hosed. He has ordered a new one (under warranty) and put a priority rush on it. Unfortunately, it is backordered until May.” We will keep people updated on the outcome. We have had several members report issues with the 190 axle (at least 3 Black Diamonds, 2 being 2 drs). The 4dr had a lift and 37’, Ken F. helped him upgrade the front end, he didn’t investigate warranty. As of now, it looks like each one was something different and other than the member who bypassed even trying to warranty his, have been covered by warranty. This isn’t to say there is some big problem, just making people aware of issues and fixes as they come up.

Yes, I’m very bummed that I may be in for a long wait before my Bronco is once again mobile. However, this incident reminded me of a totally unrelated story that was told to me recently. It occurred to me that passing along this completely unconnected tale might be beneficial to people who are new to using 4-wheel drive. Although my incident is clearly covered by warranty, the person whose story I now relate may not have been.

It seems there was this person, who although had previously owned 4-wheel drive vehicles, was relatively new to actual off-road adventures. The kind of off-roading that one might experience at, hypothetically speaking, a venue like Holly Oaks. As such, this person had never really experienced situations where their vehicle would benefit being driven by someone with active 4-wheeling skills. For example, this hypothetical person would know that when shifting from 4 High to 4 Low that it is necessary to ensure the vehicle is fully stopped. If they were not careful, perhaps because they were caught up in the moment, trying to switch the gears while the vehcle was in motion could adversely affect the vehicle. Another hypothetical example is that they might cause damage to, I don’t know, maybe let’s say the front differential, hypothetically speaking of course. At any rate, the person who related this story to me hoped to pass along their lesson seriously learned, in hopes that others might learn from their hard earned experience.

For myself, I’m glad that I’m much wiser than my friend and would never make such a silly error. Perhaps it is my deep humility and grounded nature that allows me to be so wise? But I digress…

At any rate, I hope to join all of you off-the-road sooner rather than later. I will keep you posted.

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Update: Wednesday, February 8
I connected with the Ford SUV Support team via a Ford Social Media contact that frequents the B6G forum. They gave me a case number and made a call to my dealer, Serra Ford. Ford determined that Serra had placed an Emergency request for a new front differential. Once that was done Ford contacted me to say all that can be done is being done so now we must wait, maybe until May (depending on which way the wind is blowing). Please don’t misunderstand me, I am grateful that efforts have been made on my behalf, but to be honest I’m also feeling a bit let down. I’ve read some dramatic success stories regarding Ford mobilizing to find needed parts (including front diffs) within the dealer network. One lucky owner was 10 days total from damage to repair. I had hopes that I had connected with people who would show similar initiative. Heck, I’d make some phone calls myself if only I had the numbers (I may as well, I’ve been out of work since just before Christmas and have some availability on my schedule). Anyway, that’s where I am… in limbo… ECHO! Echo! echo… is this thing on? Can someone turn on a night light in the Parts department? Gee, I wish I’d brought a Snickers bar or something…

Good luck Rob, I know it can be frustrating, especially with the random nature parts and supply chain stuff has been recently. We will keep collective eyes out for ways to help.


Status update?

There’s a chance that the needed parts may arrive this week but Ive been told “no promises”.

Well, fingers crossed! We will be interested in the diagnosis and repair. I certainly didn’t see anything you did the was abusive and you are still on factory tires. I assume it was just a defective part.

Ford performance just approved and shipped me a replacement diff for my M210 swap under their performance warranty. The one I got from ford and installed the first time had a bad locker, something internal and not fixable they believe. Hopefully this one works!

It’s been quite the odyssey on your front end too.

UPDATE! My nephew has just begun installing the new front diff assembly this morning.

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I am super curious about what failed. Hopefully it’s back on the road shortly!

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Picked up the Bronc this morning! I’ve attached a pic of the service report information. Unfortunately, the assembly that was replaced is for all intents and purposes sealed. There was no way to know exactly which component failed without a forensic analysis.

Well, glad you have it back and it was a covered repair!

Glad it’s back on the road! :slight_smile:

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