Fun at Drummond Island

A few members are enjoying Drummond Island March 1-3. It’s been a blast. Interesting conditions, the snow actually makes the trails smoother and it has been very grippy. The ice has been really challenging :cold_face:


Here is s short video of Bill T being spotted by Matt R at Marblehead today (3.2.24)


Looks beautiful! I’m glad the weather held up. Did you record the route in GAIA? :smiley:

We did. Upper part of the Off Road park and the various pieces we did today. Here is the route we took to Marblehead. We did a few shared use trails, no snowmobiling was even near possible.

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Back home and all cleaned up. I thought people might be interested in what a weekend adventure to DI might cost. Here’s my breakdown for this weekend (we got a good off season rate and group discount from Drummond Island Resort).

790 Miles door to door.

53 Gallons of fuel @3.49= $185

Three trail lunches and breakfasts in the cabin= $50

2 Bedroom Cabin (split two ways) from Drummond Island resort $200

2 dinners out $70

Annual off road park pass $35

Total approximately $550 for two full days on the trail and nice accommodations.



The cost breakdown is quite helpful. :smiley:

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We had a blast with all of you again! Love the cost breakdown - if you split the lodging it really can be an affordable weekend - we talked about cooking dinners at the cabin as well to save cost but decided it was worth it to enjoy dinner with the group at the end of the day!


We planned ( and brought food) for dinners the 1st time but decided we just didn’t want the effort after a long day. Didn’t bring food the 2nd time and happy with that decision.

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