Gambler 500

Was up in St Helan for the annual Gambler 500, got pretty dirty up on the trails, mostly sand, but some mud and a few branches (no scratches though). Cleaned up like a charm, I’ll be back again next year to support my buddies. The truck I was following was a 1990 lifted GMC Suburban with 3/4 ton axles off a 1970’s International (I believe that is where he said they came from).


That’s an event I would enjoy I think :thinking:

You see some interesting cars. But a lot of people bring support vehicles (not as new as Broncos) and there are also a lot of ATVs, Quads, and Side by Sides. A group of my fraternity brothers and I go up (with some family members of one of the guys) and its a good time.

I usually rode along but this was the first year I brought up my Bronco, and I’ll do so in the future. I won’t do any crazy stuff (There is a scramble area where you can see some people do wild things) but its a good time for all.

I didn’t camp, so I missed some of the late night shenanigans.

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