Giphy API

I’ve applied to be able to use the giphy catalog (rating: PG-13). They make me laugh, so why not.

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Oh snap! That was approved fast!

Excited Season 2 GIF by The Office

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hallelujah GIF

I think I owe you a whole bottle of bourbon @JakeC !!! My teams channels @ work are nothing but GIFs HAHA

Surprisingly at work we the Giphy function it turned on within WebEx Teams. I guess Ford does have a sense of humor?!?

I do an unhealthy amount of meme sharing with co-workers.


Likewise. Image says a thousand words. GIFs can swarmily mutter three hilarious ones.

#BuffaloTrace. LOLOL

Giphy API approved. :tada:

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Giphy still works! :pray:
Sarcastic Season 9 GIF by The Office