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Picked up a couple of simple to use Bridgecom Echo E30 handheld GMRS radios while at Hamvention in Xenia, OH last weekend and just want to make sure I have the correct CTCSS or DCS programed in for the typical channel (I believe channel 16) that MBC users have while out wheeling and for Bronco on the Mac. They came with the standard PL of 67.0Hz for channels 1 thru 14 and 141.3Hz for Channel 15 thru 22. Does anyone have any insight?

Bridgecom Echo HT

We do use GMRS/FRS. We typically use 17 for club rides, but it varies, depending on the day. Bronco the Mac trail rides will probably run two channels, as we we need to split into two or more groups. 16 is what many consider to be the standard off road channel. Because its the “open” off road channel, we try and stay off it when we will have a large group together.

Do the run a CTCSS OR DCS PL?

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No side channels or security codes. It’s hard enough getting 20 people on a channel, off voice activation and volume they can hear. About 25% of riders haven’t ever used their radio and it’s a combination of GMRS and FRS.

Good to know. I will program my mobile with extra channels without CTCSS or DCS PLs and will have to do the same with the handhelds. They are commercial grade so I will have to go into the CPS and reconfigure. Should I do the whole channel range (CH1 thru CH22) or will just the high power channels (CH15 thru CH22) be enough if more than CH17 is needed?

I would program them all. It’s often better to stay on the lower power channels, depending on the situation. We often change channels based on other radio traffic and it’s not uncommon to choose a lower power channel to avoid talking over other groups. I typically monitor 16 and stay on the main club channel for the ride, but sometimes we even use two ride channels if we are splitting groups.

Excellent information. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

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It’s awesome you are asking! We often spend 15-30 minutes of pre ride time just opening blister packs and setting up peoples radios. Thats fine too, that’s why we made the club, but the more we can get done prior to being on the trail, the better!