Good Details on Shock Selection

If you are thinking about a shock upgrade, this article hits on a bunch of popular options. The detail and explanation are pretty good too. Ride Review: Eibach 2.0 Coilovers on the Ford Bronco

Thanks for sharing. Informative article as ive been looking at options over the Bilsteins.

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Matt, you in the market?

See I’d look at new shocks if I could retain my stock height. I like my 33’s and I don’t need more lift. If anything, I’d take a slight drop. I know, hurts some off-roading, but I take it off-road like 3-4 times a year max and I’m no doing anything crazy.

I mostly got a Badlands cause I wanted a Lux package with a Manual. If I was getting an Automatic I’d have gotten a 2.7L in an Outer Banks.

Well, always :blush: after adding the winch, the front end is definitely sitting lower than I would like. I may go to true “35s” or even the Braptor “37s” next. In either case I will need a little more lift. I am considering just Eibach springs, the Eibach pro setup detailed in the article or Bilstein 6112s. Each has its advantages in my situation. The Ford Performance setup is effectively the 6112s. I cannot determine if they have Bronco specific valving, but the one member I know that has the setup is really happy with them (and I have been impressed seeing them in action).

All three options listed will maintain stock ride height. The stock Bilstein are good in mid speed stuff and the bottoming resistance is great in my experience. On road they are initially very stiff and then they have a weird feeling at the same “mid” speed cornering and bumps, where off road they are at their best. They are really bad at the slow speed stuff off road, stiff and soft, lots of pogo on larger whoops and lower speeds and if you try and speed up, the bottoming resistance finds its limits quick. Just my take, but depending on how you use the Bronco, an upgrade might be worthwhile, without any lift.

That’s not how I read it, except for the Eibachs (which are a lift) they seem to hold the stock Sasquatch ride height, I want the lower ride height, Sasquatch is of course higher than the stock suspension.

That’s interesting, I thought the 6100s (same as 6112 w/o springs) was at stock ride height on clip 1. The chart shows .7” for either SQ or Non SQ and level for 2 2dr. Seems odd and I didn’t notice the differences before. I really like the 4cyl rear springs I have now, it seems like they are softer riding, so I looked at doing the 6112 front and 6100 rear. I want a bit of lift in the front, but I understand keeping it as low as possible. It will all wait until I need new tires.

The Eibachs are the shocks i recently put on (December 23’). I was looking for something with a little height addition for my eventual 35s which it definitely acheived. I was also hoping for an overall better ride too. They are height adjustable too so you can pick your height. I did about 1.5" lift and realigned.

I would say they are slightly better overall than the stock Bilsteins. Overall good road manners. Still a bit jolty over slower speed rough terrain which is where i was hoping for more. Although they are still on the slight rough side, they feel a bit more composed. The rebound is firmer in a good way with less bucking. They dont kick out as bad as the yellow Badlands Bilsteins did. Handle moderate dirt road chatter pretty decent and similar to the Bilsteins. Overall all im happy but honesty was hoping for more. Haven’t had much crawling in them yet so i cant speak to that. Also haven’t done high speed bumps like the dunes to compare. Hope this helps.


That’s an awesome review! So nice to get feedback from people using their Broncos in the same terrain and use cases. Small bump compliance and better rebound are both on my list. The problem in my research, all the shocks I am interested in are “regressive” (I think the Eibach are too). The Fox and maybe Icons are linear, but they are more maintenance intensive and $$$. I don’t need the big bump compliance of the 2.5 reservoir shocks either (I think). Thanks for sharing!

It was hard to figure out what was the best way to go. I didn’t want to spend 3-5k but wanted better and some lift. Fox was 2.5 would have been my choice if money wasn’t an issue. It was of course. Id say it is a 5-15% better shock (so far). Not night and day. Lift and feeling a bit more planted is the biggest gains.

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I’m in the same boat regarding new coilovers, did new UCA’s the other day and looks like driver side is leaking, fluid all over it. I’m also running 37’s now with SVC perch collar lift. I want the fox 2.5 but right now don’t want to spend that kind of money so I’ve been looking at the Eibach 2.0. Only issue in a review I found on them was that I think they said 35” and bigger they noticed when stopping the front end dipped a lot and they got a lot of sway in the rear end, they recommend replacing track bar and rear links. So I’m back to square one on what to get, I need about another 1.5-2” up front and I’ll be good. Other option I may do is just replace the front with the fox2.5 up front this year and do the rear next year. Here is the link from that review I watched.

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The Bilstein 6112 might split the difference, but the Fox and thinner valving seem to be the best riding. I don’t like the price or the maintenance frequency and they can’t be adjusted on the truck. I know that’s more frequent tinkering than I would like. I love checking people’s solutions.

I think i saw that same review about the dipping. Maybe drom Shocks Surplus. I also think that would be the case with foxes since they are even softer. 37s and up certainly make a lot of things more involved and more paets to replace.

I’m starting to see a trend in my research, no matter what setup the common occurrence is having to replace at minimum the rear lower links in whatever shock setup you goto and occasionally the rear track bar.


Well after much internal debate I pulled the trigger on the Fox 2.5 DSC Elite’s. I went through accutune and they are going to be upgraded with better springs and the accutune upgrade with better bump stops and valving. Came down to I was going to go with the Foxs anyways so might as well spend the money now rather than go with a cheaper option and in two years replace anyways. They should be here In a week or two. I’m going to tear it all down and start Install beginning of May, along with sending back my RCV half shafts that seem to be making a loud clicking noise when going up hills. Hopefully will be done with it all by end of May beginning of June.

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I gotta say, I’m excited to check the set up out!