Hard Top Popping Sounds?

This has been a topic for many of us that have hard tops. I was hoping my MIC 2.0 wouldn’t have the popcorn or marbles sounds, but……

My last solution worked, but the grommets I used had a loose fit and you had to be careful when removing the panels. So today, I tried heat shrink tubing on the top pins. So far so good, no popcorn in my roof.

I also found Pedro’s “Bike Lust”
Is really good at cleaning and stopping squeaks between the seals. It’s amazing how much quieter it is after going back through and cleaning everything, on top of adding the heat shrink to the top pins.

I hope these ideas help others battling the popcorn/marbles!


I only experienced the popping on the driver front panel. I started with some silicon spray which helped for a short time but came back. What worked for me was a small piece of shrink wrap tubing that has snug fir on the pin. I have not heard the popping since I added the shrink tubing.

Is this issue reported on both 2 and 4-door?

Yes my 2 door did it, dealer made some adjustment and greased the alignment pins and i haven’t had an issue since.

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