In Search of an Everglades

A strange, small request, but curious if an owner of a stock Everglades (winch and all) wouldn’t mind taking a tape measure to check front ride height with the winch intact. Thanks in advance!

I have only seen one Everglades and it was at Holly Oaks. Hopefully we have more lurking somewhere :thinking:

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Yup, know it’s a bit of a long shot, which is why I’m asking the same thing on multiple boards.
But hoping that, given our member mix of owners, dealers, and industry folks, someone might have access to an Everglades for two minutes at some point. :slight_smile:

Everglades? No problem. Y’all jus’ head straight down 75, past Chattanooga and Tampa, jus keep it goin South till ya hit the really muddy water. Watch out fer the gators and we’ll keep our fingers crossed…

Har-dee-helpful-har. :slight_smile: