Installed Redline Tuning Hood Struts

I drove to Ann Arbor this morning to purchase a set of Redline Tuning Hood Struts. What a great small company with fantastic, friendly customer service. I found out about these on the 1five1 Garage YouTube channel. They were very easy to install (Redline Tuning offered to install them for me) and took less than 30 minutes. I bought the Elite which opens the hood about 7 inches more than using the prop rod. I left the prop rod installed for now, but I will probably remove it in the future. I am happy to be able to support a local, Michigan based small business.


Great info, nice to find good local companies to support!

Nice. Been considering getting a set of these myself. (After the IAG interior light kit, that is….)

I have a set of the normal ones. I also installed them on my Dad’s 2012 Mustang and had them on my 2013 Focus ST. The ST install was weird because of the way things had to be re-routed, but on the Mustang (my dad has a V6) and the Bronco no issues. I hate prop rods so I always try to add these to cars that don’t have them.

I have a set from a different company, but love them. Funny, as for the longest time, I didn’t think these were worth the time/ effort/ cost/ etc. I absolutely love not having to deal with a prop rod…

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