JCR Tailgate Table

We recently installed the JCR tailgate table that was my Christmas gift. Glad that Matt was there to help me with the install - he would talk me down when I would get frustrated :rofl:

I’m really happy with how it came out and that it is quiet. I was a little worried about it rattling but I haven’t had any issues.


It would only let me post one picture in my original post….

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It looks really solid! Nice work :+1:

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Really like the tail-gate table. I’m in the market, so much appreciated…

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Looks really good. I have the Ford tailgate table, but really like how clean your tailgate table looks.


We have had really good luck with JCR in the past with things for our Jeeps - the install was a little more frustrating than I was expecting but I am really happy with the final product. Now I need a trail ride so we can really try it out.

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I’ve had mine for over a year now and have had zero issues. The only rattles I get are from the stuff I have attached to the molle grid.


Does the solid panel lift to connect the molle bags? We have the ford molle bags that have to snap when fastened. I like the looks of this table as opposed to the ford one I had that did not have a solid worktop.

If you put the bags on before the flat table, it would save some work. The flat table is the last part to be put on, and the hardest, so you’re not going to want to remove it after it’s installed.
I did all my bags after it came as fully assembled, and just fished the straps through and back out. I don’t have the ford bags, maybe they would be different?

I haven’t added any molle bags yet but I would agree that you would want to add them before you added the flat panel if they need to be done in the back. That panel was a bear to get in and I wouldn’t want to try to take it in and out regularly.

Looks good. I used my Ford Pass points towards the Ford one.