Mabbet Wireless Phone Charger

Just installed the wireless charger. So far i like it. The installation procedure was missing a couple of items that were missing. I just paid attention to what i was doing and everything worked out fine.

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If I can ask, which steps was it missing?

Got any pictures of your install, or a link to the product, as reference?

It was missing the step to disconnect the harness for the G.O.A.T mode selector and for the piece of trim between the center console and the dash/climate controls. I didn’t take photos. Other than those two items they were good instructions. Even their video doesn’t show these items.

Mabett Console Wireless Charging Pad 15W for Ford Bronco Accessories, Console OEM Non-Slip Wireless Charger for Bronco 2021 2022 2023 2/4-Door

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This looks like it might be for the automatic trans only… Bummer.

Yes, only for the automatic. I haven’t seen anything for the manual transmission. Sorry.