MBC Logo File & Permission

I am looking into some tumblers for the wife & I and to have a custom logo & our names laser engraved. I wanted to see if I could get permission along with the artwork/vector graphic file for the MBC Logo. If any one has it or could point me to the right person to ask it would be appreciated.

The logo is available for non commercial, personal use of “members” of this forum and associated with the Michigan Bronco Club.
Michigan Bronco Decal Test Print.pdf (373.8 KB)

I will try and download or Jake F or Jake C might be able to add an alternative image as well.

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@AB8DT ,

PM’d ya. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the file and info


These turned out fantastic!


:+1:t4: Nice Job!

I saw this vendor last weekend at the Crossroads Amateur Radio Hamfest. If you want to publicize the lady I got this from here is there FB page since she has the artwork.


They are out of Howell, MI.

Used cups from,

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