Meeting Minutes - Feb 13th

Meeting minutes from our Feb 13th, 2024 meeting have been posted here.

Our next upcoming meeting is Tuesday, March 12th @ 7pm.

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I can’t figure out how to read the minutes.

Hey @BroncoFiona. Welcome!

The meeting minutes are in a PDF format. You might have to use Adobe Acrobat on Windows. Macs should be able to read them by default.

Let me know if this help.

Is there a place to find the zoom meeting info to dial into the monthly meetings?
Does a reminder get sent to the club?


@MattMIBronco can correct me as needed.

We don’t do public meetings, although we certainly could and I welcome additional participation. My only hesitation to open the current monthly meeting is we typically run out of time before we run out of topics to cover. Is there a particular topic you want to bring up or be part of? We could also do quarterly member meetings where everyone is invited, I am open to options for sure.

I generally think we need more meeting opportunities that aren’t always going out and about. I’ll tell you this, I don’t do a significant amount of off-roading in the middle of summer (July/August) or in the dead of winter (December/January) due to other commitments. I’m only really out an about on trails in September/October and April-June.

What did you have in mind?

Guess I’m more confused after your note Matt. What are the the monthly meetings? Are they for board members only? You mention a quarterly meeting to invite all members. Then a public meeting


The meeting Jake shared was the monthly board meeting. We go over events, expenses, merchandise, rides etc.

Any sort of meetup. Part of the club I would expect is to foster community, so like going to a restaurant for dinner or drinks. Something low key, easy to do. Not looking for anything like an activity, think we got the stuff with our Broncos for that.

Maybe a quarterly thing. It could replace a formal member meeting I’d think.


We have several opportunities coming for social events. We will get information out as soon as we have stuff nailed down.

That would be fun to have dinner with a bunch of members. I know some people meet once or twice a month with up to 10 right now that they set up themselves. I know they post a lot if they are doing a gathering some place. That would be fun!
Maybe do Fords garage once a quarter for a chance for everyone to get together! I know the board members read this forum now that its up and running again. But I don’t think that’s a bad idea at all!

I think a group meetup for dinner at Ford’s Garage sounds like a great idea!

We could do our meeting tomorrow night there :man_shrugging:t2:

I support

Tomorrow works.

The only problem- it’s hard to do a call, so anyone form out of town would be excluded and it’s short notice. I should have thought it through before I suggested it.

I’ll plan to be on the call at 7pm tonight.

That’s so funny, I wasn’t even thinking of the right day. I thought it was Monday and Wednesday at different times today. I will be on the call tonight as well. Ugh, maybe next month we can schedule it for Fords Garage.

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