Michigan Assembly Plant Tour

Can someone keep me posted on when the date and time is going to be for this tour when the time gets closer thank you.

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I’m not familiar with an upcoming MAP tour.

Where’d you hear about this from? :slight_smile:

I have no idea but I heard you guys the Michigan Bronco Club got to your Michigan Assembly Plant last year and I wanted to go to it this year if they plan on doing it again this year.


I don’t think “we” got our own, per se: on Family Day at MAP they had tours open, and I know a number of people went then.

@ChristalakaSvanhildr, any idea on when family day is this year?

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Ok thanks

As Jake mentioned, it was the MAP family day and we perticipated. Christal is one of the key contacts, she can check with the local and MAP.

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Ok sounds good