New Alternate Logo

We will be rolling out a new alternate logo on some of our merchandise soon (we will be adding the UP too). Any thoughts?


Actually, I do have one thought and I hope that it is productive. The applique material of the new logo is very thick/heavy, almost like vinyl. I hesitated to purchase a shirt with the new logo because in my experience, appliques of this type can be uncomfortable to wear, especially on hot days. Is there any other alternative that can produce a more “fabric” like feel?

The indirect vendor uses different materials, but I am unsure if you would like it better. The latest shirts we had in stock were a vendor we have used in the past. We often do t know exact specifications for the shirt when we order, but we can take the feedback and see what we can do.

Thanks Matt for considering alternatives. Perhaps the vendors have other options if we only ask? I’d be happy to help out in the investigation. Just let me know what I may do to help.

I thew a couple ideas together



Cool, we haven’t really combined the standard and alternate logos (the sorts we just did had both, but front and back). People are welcome to produce designs for their own use using club images too, we just ask no one sell them (and don’t use trademark images).

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I didn’t intend to do that, just trying to help. Have you actually had someone attempt to sell copy writed images?

We have had people try and sell merchandise without consent of the image owner and try and sell our club designs portraying them as being from the club. Lots of people like lots of different designs and colors, so we don’t have any issue with people doing stuff for their own Bronco.