Northville Cars and Coffee April 8th

A few of us are planning to check out Northville Cars and coffee, come join us if your free!

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I used to work right there in that ZF building. Many years ago… I’ll try to show up.

I attended along with family. It was a massive turnout, maybe a few hundred cars? Cold that day but you could tell people were clamoring to get out of the house. Saw quite a few exotics among the more common Ferarris, Jags, Astins, etc.
Towards the end of the day a Ford GT Heritage Edition showed up (very rare). And someone had an old aluminum body Land Rover with the paint removed and the body polished to a mirror finish (sounds gaudy but was actually pretty cool). A lot of Broncos but nothing organized. I heard about some club members over in one of the side lots but never made it out of the main lot to go over and say hello.