Oil change and skid plate check

I changed my oil (40k miles, just made it easy and do every 5k with a Motorcraft filter and a Mobil 1). It was interesting to see the skid plates. As usual, the crossmembers take it the most. Ignore the flaking paint, I knew it wouldn’t adhere well, I didn’t want to break the factory coating on the ASFIR skids. The transmission plate was definitely used. The transmission is up fairly high, but the plate still gives me piece of mind.

I will try and get better pics next time I am on a lift.

I think you left a bunch of plastic bits at Drummond Island! LOL

Fortunately no plastic, but I definitely had some steel and aluminum scraped off. It’s a never ending process, but I do think a 1” lift to get back what I lost with the winch will make a difference. Going from the 33s to the 35s is a similar increase to the lift (at least in regards to the skid plate clearance) and it was a game changer at Drummond Island for sure.

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I’ve experiance similar with the cross brace experiancing a lot of scraping. I’m glad i added the RCI cross brace skid and trans skid. Both have seen a lot of scraping. I’ll be under the Bronco this weekend and will try to capture some pics.

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