ORV Sticker Location

I haven’t had an ORV sticker on a vehicle since my Wrangler over 10 years ago. Where is everyone opting to put their ORV/ Trail stickers on their Broncos?

Rear window? Bumper? The glass seems the easiest place to remove it from year to year but it means the top has to be on it.

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Mine is on the glass. There are regulations about putting it on a removable “device” but several people have come up with some interesting solutions using plastic mounts.

I was going to have mine tattooed on my butt, however, after considering the issue of renewal…

Welcome Rex!!!

I put 22 stickers on my back soft top window last year, but won’t do that again. If I wanted to remove the top or just the window I would need another sticker…
I tried the rear bumper with the 21 stickers but they blew off during a power wash after a day of mudding.
I am thinking of putting them under the driver side tail light.

I put mine on the trim panel in the rear. If you plan on cerama coating make sure you have the decals on first or tape a areal off for them.

I have the all-steel Badlands bumper. I used some alcohol to clean it real good, and got them to stick well on a warm day. The surface is just slightly textured, so cleaning is important.

Placed on the middle of the right-hand side.