Pellston/Levering Area Trails

Will be heading up to Levering in a few weeks and was looking for some trails to ride. I have been looking at the MI DNR maps and I see several forest roads but not trails. Anyone been in the area or familiar with trails around there?

Indian River is the closest route. It’s somewhat scenic, pretty low key and easy in the summer. There is a route to the west, Indian Gardens, I have no direct experience. The DNR inventory maps State Forest Roads

And GAIA or OnX to build your route would probably be worthwhile to find additional areas to explore.

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Seems like there might be a few trails around the Little Traverse Bay Reservation area…

Do you know the trail name near Indian River? I only see ATV and forest roads

@MattMIBronco ?

It’s the Indian River Route. You can probably find it on either of the main DNR source maps, but this one has most of the current routes (dedicated 72” “trails” often made up from a combination of road, trail and various jurisdictions).