Rear Storage

Ok, I have been messing with my various gear and storage options. I made changes before last summers over-landing trip and they worked out great. Now I am trying to simplify. Here is my latest effort. A Craftsman Versa Stack system. There are a couple of other optional pieces I am considering, but started here as my “daily driver” load out. Note- I moved my recovery strap and tree saver to Velcro straps on the roll bars earlier, so no was trying to minimize the storage footprint.

I also have a large tote with my camping gear. I may have an option with a larger roller Craftsman wheels trunk as a base for overland trips. More to come on that front

So far, I like the footprint and functionality, I think the size may force me to re-locate my air compressor to under hood or rear panel (it was already a consideration). It takes up to much space in the new “crate” I use for quick access items on the trail.

I tie all of it down with ratchet straps while driving for safety.

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The setup I have is also the versa stack system. I think we have the same bottom tote case. I have a tool bag on top of mine.

I looked at the tool bag, I think it could come in handy, but I like the crate being open for stuff I access regularly. I may just add one of the larger tool boxes. Thinking I could keep my cordless tools in it and throw it in the truck for longer trips. Test and learn :slightly_smiling_face: