Skid plates

Recently got my 23, wildtrak and was wondering what people are running for skid plate protection. I know i can buy the ford skids for it. Was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

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Welcome to the club and Forum. I have been super happy with my Badlands skid plates, just looking to add a transmission plate and rear shock mount skids. I am sure others will have recommendations!

Welcome JP!

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There are a few companies that are offering skids. The one that being said, i have my eye on a new company called Talons Garage. They will be releasing a skid package gor the bronco very soon.

I had thought that the Wildtrack, which basically comes with the badlands / Sasquatch upgrades comes with skid plates.

Does it not come with any underbody protection? :slight_smile:

Just comes with front and engine skid. I thought it would but no. The badlands skid plate from ford is only 740ish. Does your badlands skids cover then transmission mount braces? They are the lowest thing hanging on the bottom of mine.

The 2.7 braces aren’t covered by skid plates at all and the rear plate (xfer case?) is the weak spot in the factory set up if I remember correctly. I was just underneath and noted that although well used, all the factory plates are holding up pretty well. I will get some pictures and video when I do my shock skids (since @Jayson will be lending me his lift to do the work).

I just bought a Rynoskin skid plate. I am replacing the plastic bumper with the Capable bumper (found it on market place for $100). It is supposed to be here Saturday 22 April 2023. Anything is better than the plastic skid plate. Oh yeah, and I have a '22 Big Bend 4 door with MIC top. Bought it off the used lot in Dec '22.

The Wildtrak comes stock with only the front skid. It is an added option from the factory for the whole kit. I did not get the factory skids myself. I did just completed the install of the RCI Offroad skid plate(s). The whole kit in aluminum. Very solid, better coverage, and half the weight of the Ford armor. The install was not without challenges as some of the hardware didn’t quite match up. It looked to me someone tossed the Ranger hardware kit in with the Bronco plates. (I could tell because it said Ranger on the hardware :smiley: ). They are real nice and lightweight.

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