Snow Wheeling 2.25/26

Update from the ride- We had a total of 6 Broncos make the ride (perfect number for doing the kind of ride we were doing, exploring, not knowing the precise route or conditions, backtracking at times).

  • My total miles 530.2 from first fill up to home in my driveway.
  • 17.0 MPG combined for the trip (2.7 Auto, 33" BFG KO2s). I think the reported ranges went from 13 to just over 20MPG for the 2.3 7sp 2dr on 33s.
  • 12PM Saturday to 7:30PM Sunday for me, others had slightly less or more total miles and time.
  • Zero Mechanical issues.
  • Zero Winch use.
  • The kinetic ropes and soft shackles saw some work, I think I was pulled out 5 times, a couple of the others on 33s (like me) were stuck once or twice.
  • We got to do some live training on recovery when you “fall off” deep ruts in the snow. Similar principle in sand. Hopefully we got some good video, but the fundamental skill is “counter steering” to guide your front wheels back into the ruts. It feels "wrong, but got our Broncos back on the trail, avoiding a much more serious recovery effort.
  • We had dinner Saturday night, breakfast on our own Sunday morning otherwise we kind of snacked and had drinks as we went.
  • 35" tires were a significant benefit in the deep snow. Tire type made less of a difference, although the more aggressive MTs on the 2dr Badlands did find traction under the snow on the few occasions he was really pushing it. We will post some of the videos that shows off the ability of the TRXfour beast!
  • We played with several of the G.O.A.T modes, used trail turn assist in several situations, front and rear lockers were employed and Trail Crawl Control and Hill Descent control continued to impress.

We have a plan forming for snow wheeling this weekend. Because the snow totals are looking pretty high , I assume most of the state will groom the snowmobile trails and or make some areas too deep to get through. A few of us are planning to ride Saturday evening near Oscoda and then do Oscoda or Gladwin (1hr drive from Oscoda) depending on what we find. We can take a few more for either day. I will post more details as we get snow totals and reports. Message me if you have questions.


We have decided on Oscoda for Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday morning (10AM?). We will stick primarily to the two tracks, have 3 or 4 for each day and have room for 2-3 more. Message me ASAP if you are planning to join us.

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We have 4 for Saturday now, can probably take at least two more. We are targeting to meet @ 3:30 Saturday at and TBD Sunday, based on what we see Saturday afternoon/evening. DM me if interested in either day.

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Matt, great overview of the snow wheeling weekend. It was great being able to put in use trail turn assist and trail crawl assist. They are amazing how well they perform along with the GOAT modes. I ended up with 16.9 mpg in the Badlands SAS overall.

Damn looks like you had a blast! I wish I was up with you all instead of stuck down here working the hell storm haha

Matt’s snow wheeling hill climb
MIBC Hill Climb Snow Ride 2 23 - YouTube

Snow wheeling route


Very cool! I look forward to linking Grayling, St. Helens and routes further west and north in the future!