Some vehicle manufacturers are selling your data

This article is pay-walled, but I don’t think Ford is mentioned here.

Having said that, I also turned off my Bronco modem and my wife’s Kia modem today.

Ford has various sliders in Sync 4. If you enable Ford Pass you give up some of your data, if you enable OTA you give up some data, etc… The insurance one in Fords is a specific slider. If my Bronco wasn’t in the shop I’d find the menu and take a picture of it.

Yeah, it looks like Ford does break out the options, which is more than some.

But nobody realized that automotive insurance companies are correlating this data to directly impact your rates. That’s the sketch part.

Ford makes it pretty clear that its going to them. GM with OnStar doesn’t.

And technically it’s not going directly to the carriers, an intermediary like LexisNexis usually gets the data first.

Basically anything labelled “safe driver” or “smart driver” is someone collecting data on you ala Progressive Snapshot.

[tin foil hat on…]. LOL

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