Spring is here!

So for me spring officially has arrived. For one my other car is out and about. In terms of the Bronco though, the roof rack is off (and now hanging on the wall as I decided against a pulley system) and the Bestop Front Row Twill top is back on (and my hard tops are in a bag). It will be a while before the tube doors get put on (and when they are on it would limit driving in the rain). But for now, I can have easily accessible open air driving.

One thing to note, the Twill top is still stretching out, last year new it barely wanted to snap closed. So far this year that works better, but I do have some wind noise from the leading edge. I hope it stretches out further.


I have a long list of add ons I would like, the Sunrider top being about #3 on the list :slight_smile: Happy Spring!