Stealth grill with light up letters

Process for how the letters were done.

I went with the IAG letter kit. Was the only full kit letters I could find. They come in white.

I took the black plastic off them with a exacting knife, just held in with double sided clear tape.

Letters were scuffed and cleaned.

I use createx paints for the airbrush stuff. This color was made with wicked red 40%, blood red candy 10% and 4050 gloss clear 50%, reduce til proper viscosity.

First coat is just a medium dusting to get the bond going. Plug the letters in after that and apply 1 coat at a time evenly until your happy with the depth. Let dry over night. Reapply the black plastic with some dabs of super glue.

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Nicely done, came out really good!

Looks great.