The Michigan DNR is hiring! Drive your Bronco on the job!

Looks like the DNR wants to offer you (and your Bronco) a job! Just got a fresh marketing email… hahah

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My smooth brain isn’t finding the possible job offer, is it just closing and opening gates for trails?

I think they have job offers here.

I often think that if I hadn’t done IT, some DNR forest job would be in the cards.

I’m not in the market for a new gig yet, but I’m retiring in about 18 months. Hadn’t thought about it, but this could be a fun gig.


It always sounds fun until you have to clean up after a drunk in the pit john. Or ask an overenthusiastic group to turn down the volume after midnight. Or scrape up and dispose of the roadkill (no taking it to the bbq!). Or… I think you get the idea.

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