Thinking of new Accessories

Things I’m looking to get this summer (if not sooner):

IAG Tail Gate Table - IAG I-Line Tailgate Table No Drill with Molle Panel for 2021+ Ford Bronco
FP Air Separator -
Trail Armor Rocker Panels (to protect the pinch welds) -
FP 2.3L Tune (mostly for the Rev Match) -

Anyone have any of this? Like it? Hate it? Better choices?

Kinda also want to do A-Pillar Pod lights, but I don’t like the unfinished look, oh well.

I don’t have any of those items, although a tailgate table is something I’m interested in. IAG stuff seems pretty good for the $. Several members have the tune. Kevin G (I don’t remember his screen name) has it on his new Badlands I believe. I’m still looking to add a shorty rack from JCR, so we will see where my Bronco budget lands this summer.

I do have a pillar lights, Diode Dynaics SS2s I believe. I just used the factory brackets. It’s a clean install and I love the functionality, but I do think I am going to add the JCR mounts to #1 get them up a bit higher. The reflection from the hood is just slightly annoying and 2. It adds an antenna mount for the GMRS, so I can move my flag mount the the JBG trail sight mount.

So I got the table. It’s decent, you need to manually line up everything so that stinks, and the top cable supports rub your paint, so that’s not great.


It looks good!

It seems very sturdy and it does look nice. The paint thing likely will bother me, I’m always worried about corrosion.