Tool bags / rolls

Ran across this post about a new tool bag, and made me think about what others might be rolling with.

Personally, I roll :rofl: with a Carhartt tool roll:

Sorry for the blurry picture, didn’t realize it was blurry until I got back down in the basement :woman_shrugging:

I keep all my trail stuff in here and added some emergency rations when winter got here.

Nice! Assume you shove that guy into the bottom area when mobile?

I do love that platform.

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No, he stays up there all the time. The fridge and generator stay in the bottom.

Recently got this at Costco, seems like a pretty neat setup. It can be collapsed in half based on the amount of stuff you have.

I’ve got a Craftsman Versastack tool bag and a Craftsman Vesastack small tool box (you can clip the bag to the box). I keep 3 tool sets (1/2 inch drive SAE/Metric, 3/8 Drive Metric, 1/4 Drive Metric), extensions, spark plug socket, and screw driver adapter (for the 1/4 Drive), the Ford Performance basic recovery kit (gloves, clevis, strap) in the bag, and jump cables, a jump pack, and a scraper in the box. I also have a first aid kit in the cubby under the floor. Fits nicely behind the rear seats (even with the headrests folded back). I’ll grab a pic sometime.

That’s sounds like an awesome setup! Kinda jealous, ngl

I will say that having a soft-top, I’ve been especially careful to ask the “do I give a shit if I lose this tool” question before adding to the kit.

Sitting back, and taking notes at this point. LOL

I went out and grabbed a pic.

Forgot my GMRS radio is stuffed in the bag too.


I keep a basic set of tools under the rear floor. Wide mouth adjustable wrench (for tie rods), gloves, shovel, tow strap, limb saw, flashlight.

  • First aid kit in the drivers side storage area.
  • Multi tool, tire deflators, air gauge and trip specific items in a bag on the drivers side molle panel.
    -Off road box goes next level, for the hand tools (Torx+ bit get, 1/4" drive, snap on-needle nose, safety wire, more zip ties, siphon hose, tire plug kit) and the box varies, but usually includes- bottle jack, 8k lb. hand winch, air compressor (Via air 430p?) kinetic recovery strap, soft shackles, toilet paper, fire starter, 60ft. synthetic rope (18Klb. rated) spare batteries, flashlight.

I always like seeing what other people use/do for storage. My off road box is large really heavy, so I don’t want that stuff in there day to day, but it can’t get any heavier or I can’t lift it easily.

I like that setup! :thinking:

I use my old tool bag from when i was in the Army.

When I was in France with the Army, one day I looked into my kit. I thought I would find me a sandwich, but the darn thing was loaded with Shaving Cream! Shaving Cream! Be nice and clean! Shave every day and you’ll always look keen!

One year in my setup still is the same, the only issue I’ve had is if I accelerate like a bat out of hell it tips backward, slams into my tailgate, then rocks back to its regular position.

Might be time to get a tailgate table…

I have a Dewalt portable tool box with all the basic tools, soft shackles, gloves, toilet paper, flashlight and receiver. Take it in and out when going on the trail. Tow straps and air compressor stay under the back seat.

I changed mine up a bit after the overalnding trip last year and the addition of the winch at Christmas. I will get some pictures, but my off road box is now sort of my bug out set up, with the gear I need to overnight. I moved my kinetic rope and tree saver to the roll bar with straps and keep my tools and air compressor, soft shackles and quick access items in a crate. I am still considering a short rack on the rear clamshell, it would have been really useful overlanding. Having the traction boards (that I have used once) and a small pelican type case on the rack, plus a place to mount rear/side lighting and secure my camp “tarp” would make the nightly setup process really simple. It might be tricky getting into the garage at some point :blush: