Trail Clean Up

We (Jake C and I) had a call 3.10.23 with Michelle O’Kelly from the Michigan DNR. She is directing us to a couple of motor vehicle focused DNR team members, but it sounds like there will be a good opportunity for our own clean up. Tim Novak (Also MI DNR) should also give us some trail options and contacts to start us off. More to come, but thought I would get the topic started.


She seem receptive to working with us. Our being an official non-profit was a key requirement, and they’re always glad to coordinate free trail cleanup help.

Count me in!

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We seem to have the DNR lined up to get us connected to the right people and the right process. More to come, but we had further conversation today (3/12.23).

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This is awesome. Count me in, as well.

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We will try and get some options on dates and locations and “vote” on what works best for people. There are some good options with Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association too. As soon as I figure out how to link to their info, I will post those too. More to come and we will get some club options together ASAP.